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Wondrous Spring Blooms @ NYC Salon – 2015

Photo: © Helen Oppenheim

Wow. I was walking in the rain on 65th Street in NYC yesterday, and discovered this wondrous Spring display of blooms, a sheer delight. I stopped to photo it with my iPhone, rain and all (unusual for me to let my hair get wet!) Then I took a look at the sign, who is this, I thought? Well, well. It is a beauty salon I didn’t know was there, in my neighborhood. The name is Nunzio Saviano. I Googled later and they have good reviews, so here is the photo. Posted with congratulations on a magnificent effort. I was late for an apppointment yesterday, but I must drop in and look around. Nunzio Saviano, 130 East 65th Street, between Park and Lex) –


  1. Mar 28, 2015

    Beautiful flowers! I love Springtime!

    • Mar 28, 2015

      I love Springtime too. When it arrives! And, yes, these flowers are beautiful. More than beautiful!

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